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20 Skaters Only - including Coaches, Trainers and Players

Split 10 per side with a divider across center ice - ABSOLUTELY NO CROSSING BETWEEN SIDES


 Check back often, You never know when a 48 hour sales will happen!


Contact tracing questionnaire must be completed by every participant the day of your booking and each time you come to the facility at http://canlansports.com/questions/

No Shinny, Games or Side Games allowed - Training ONLY

Dressing rooms will not be available

Groups are permitted in 20 minutes before ice time and must vacate no more than 10 minutes after ice time

All players must wear masks to facility, and inside facility and dressing rooms.  Only to be removed to go on ice

All players must arrive together and leave together




We still have some FALL ONLY ice contracts open.

Please email kkobold@icesports.com if you are interested in a Fall only ice contract.


Returning Contract Customers

Due to the Covid Pandamic, our overall ice allocation and availability at our Scarborough location has changed significantly compared with last year. Based on availability, returning contract holders will be given priority over new customers to renew their respective ice contracts. Ice time will be offered in queue based on application submission date. If we are unable to offer returning contract holders comparable ice times on the same day/time that they had for the 2019/20 season, we hope to help them arrange a suitable contract on another day/time, or perhaps at another Canlan facility. These contracts are FALL ONLY contracts.

NOTE: When we begin to accept Winter contracts for 2021, our 2019/20 Fall/Winter customer (if not returning due to reasons of availability or because of Covid restrictions), will still be given priority over new 2020-Fall only customers.

New Contract Customers

New contract customers will be offered ice slots based on existing availability—and in the order applications are received.


How do I book spot ice? Who do I contact?

To book spot ice: You can order ice below. After you have ordered it, we will contact you to make sure you have filled out the safety plan. Once we receive your plan, we will send you the contract. If you have any questions, please email kkobold@icesports.com.

Please Note: A Contract Holders Safety plan must be filled out before you can book ice. You can download the plan HERE. Also, full payment is required to confirm the booking, and a contract must be signed prior to use. The User is aware that with all ice rentals, that a one hour rental includes a 10 min flood (at the end of the rental). If it is a two hour rental, a flood will be done after 50 minutes and at the end of the rental. The User must provide their own locks for their assigned dressing room(s).

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