Canlan Camps - Giving The Gift Of An Experience  

Experience is Everything

There are so many times when you want to do something special for your children but giving material things sometimes gets to be too much. These days, our kids have so many games, so many toys, so much clothing. What else could we possibly give them that wouldn’t just add to the clutter, or be put down and forgotten when the new shine wears off. The answer is experiences. Every experience teaches us new things. Our kids learn and grow through experiences. They gain knowledge, skills and confidence. Most importantly, they get to keep the experience with them. adding to a lifetime of memories.


There is no greater gift you can give a child than an experience. Toys break, clothing goes out of style (or out of size), games lose pieces. Eventually, all will be replaced. Experiences, however, never break, you never outgrow them, they are never replaced; they openly add to a lifetime of memories.


At Canlan Ice Sports, we are very lucky to play a part of our camper’s experiences. We get to see their personalities and confidence grow as their skating abilities and hockey skills develop. We’re proud to provide the place where their experience is everything.



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