The Spring 3-on-3 Season is here!  

FAQs for our Spring Calko Group YHL Season

Got questions about our Spring 3-on-3? Hopefully, this post will have all the answers. If it doesn't please give our office a call at 306-955-3606 and we'd be happy to answer any other questions you may have before you sign your kid(s) up. Also, don't forget to visit our website for all the pertinent details and to register 


  1. When does the Calko Group YHL Spring League start and when does it finish?

  The Spring 3-on-3 YHL will start games on April 6th and be all wrapped up by June 18th.


  1. Can you tell me more about the Spring 3-on-3 League?

The Calko Group YHL offers a fun atmosphere for players to finish off their regular season or start playing if they missed the winter hockey season. There are 23 games including 18 regular season games, 3 tournament games, and at least 2 playoff games. Games will be Sunday-Thursday with 2-3 games per week. Games run in the evenings during the week. Teams will also play in the tournament on May 29-31. There are no practices during the season, just 45-minute-long games. It’s a great way for players to play a different style of hockey that allows each player to touch the puck more to develop their game.  

NEW this year to the Spring 3-on-3 YHL, we will be using TeamLinkt for all teams to post schedules, send out information, and communicate with coaches and parents! This will help players check in or out for games so coaches know how many players are coming as well as helping parents keep track of the schedule with automated game reminders.


  1. What does a coach have to do?

Volunteer coaches are the backbone of the YHL. However, there isn’t a lot of pressure. Because there are no practices, there isn’t the need for the extra time commitment of designing or running practices. Coaches are there to open to the gates, make sure ice time is fair, and most importantly encourage the kids! There’s no pressure to be the next Scotty Bowman or Pat Quinn. There is a valid criminal record check required for all coaches.


  1. My son/daughter does not have a team to play with for the season. Can we still register?

Absolutely! Players can register online as individuals or as part of a team. If a player registers as an individual, they will be placed on a team with players in the same age group and similar skill/ability.


  1. How do we enter an entire team into the Spring 3-on-3 YHL?

Teams may enter as a group of 9 players and 1 goalie in the Spring 3-on-3 YHL. The team must have a coach that can register the team online. Teams must also have exactly 9 players and 1 goalie. Canlan Ice Sports will not add any players or find a goalie to team entries that do not have a full roster. Teams are responsible for the entire team fee regardless of how many players end up on the roster.


  1. My son/daughter wants to play with a few friends but does not have a team. Can they still play on the same team?

Yes, we allow up to a max five players to register as individuals on the same team. When you register, you will just need to fill out a friend request on the registration form. All players should have one common friend request (everyone requests to play with the same one friend). If there are more then 5 players requesting to be on the same team, players will be split up into two teams.


  1. What if my son/daughters’ team is not in the right division?

During the Spring 3-on-3 YHL we have two divisional realignments in the season. Teams that are not in the right division will be moved up or down based on the results of their games and league discretion to ensure that games can be as competitive as possible.


  1. Will games be played at Jemini or Agriplace?

Games will be played at both facilities. Your team may have games at either facility throughout the season.


  1. What is the cost of the Spring 3-on-3 YHL?

The cost for an individual registration is $428.00 + GST and a team entry is $4,280.00 + GST (10 players).


Any questions, take a look at our website or give us a call at 306-955-3606.



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