Hockey Through the Eyes of the Passionate  

A Programs Coordinators take on what hockey means to children everywhere

In this month’s check in with the Leverick crew, our Canlan Family Ambassadors, Program Coordinator ALLY spent the evening with the family.  Ally is full of palpable energy,  and we love the enthusiasm and heart that she puts towards each and every kid that she instructs.  Ally took the time to sit down with Kohen for a post-game interview (visit our Facebook page to see that…spoiler: cuteness overload!!!), as well as hang out with the family while having supper at the Thirsty Penguin.  See what Ally has to say about the love of the game, and the passion that has swept the hearts of so many...


Ice hockey; a game played on an ice rink by two teams of six players on skates, whose object is to drive a puck into the opponents’ goal with a stick. Well, that’s the internet’s definition of ice hockey at least.  What I was reminded of today is that it really is so much more: it's the 6am practices, the running from one rink to the other while the players dress in the back of the vehicle, the cheering when we win and the tears when we lose. It’s the learning and the achieving, the scoring and the “celly”s, the coaches that become role models and the players that become lifelong friends.


This month I got the pleasure of spending some time and interviewing one of our Family Ambassador’s, Koehn Leverick. I have had the opportunity to coach Kohen since he was brand new to skating at the age of 3 years old! He is bright, witty, full of positive energy and laughter. Since he has started skating I have been able to watch his love for hockey grow. He has a passion for the game (and for Connor McDavid of course) that makes a person fall in love with hockey, even when they know nothing about it. When asking Koehn questions about his team and his love of the game I asked him; what is one skill you want to work on for the rest of the season? He did not hesitate for second. He blurted out “PIVOTING”. As a previous skating coach of Koehn’s it made me so proud of him that despite his age he was so humble about knowing that every player has something they need to work on to become better.


My interview with Koehn happened prior to a game that his team came out of with a tough loss, however when all those boys came bursting through the door there was no tears or upset players. They were all smiles and giggles as I rallied them all up for a team picture. Win or lose it was awesome to see the boys stay together as a team and encouraging each other after the game with smiles from ear to ear. Koehn was able to tell me all about his tournaments that the team went to and how they had just been in Moose Jaw for the weekend. When I asked Koehn how the tournament went, he didn’t even tell me how the team did first- he was all about the pizza parties and swimming with the team!


The Leverick family got to enjoy a post-game supper upstairs at the Thirsty Penguin restaurant. After seeing them sitting together as a family enjoying supper at the hockey rink I was reminded of the unity of the sport. The way it brings together not only the players on each team but as well as the families. 


To someone who doesn’t know hockey, they may just see a game played on an ice rink by two teams of six players but to each and every hockey player.  To me, Kohen, his family, and so many more people in our Saskatoon hockey community, we understand that it means so much more.


Photo by Brad Klebaum - Klebaum Photography

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