The Leverick's... Full of Fun!  

This is our Fall blog post with our Canlan Ice Sports Family Ambassadors, the Leverick Family. The Leverick's were able to come in and join Kelsey, our Program Coordinator, to talk winter, food, Halloween, and of course… hockey!
It was clear from the beginning, and if you know the family you’re probably aware, the Levericks are all about fun! Nothing but laughs, smiles, and energy.
While the boys, Keaton, Kaesen, and Koehn, are all gearing up for time on the ice, their sister Camdyn, is gearing up for her time on the stage. The boys are excited to practice their skills, play in games and most importantly spend time with their friends! Camdyn spends her winter, dancing (jazz) and singing in the Fireside Singers!
Kaesen is in his first year of “real” hockey and couldn’t be more excited! After learning to skate in our Preschool Learn to Skate classes, followed by the basics of hockey in our Hockey Tips for Tots program, he’s excited to finally join a team and do all the things his BIG brother Koehn gets to do.
Keaton is involved in our new Skating for Hockey program. It’s a new program to help bridge the gap between our Learn to Skate and our Hockey Tips for Tots. Skaters get dressed up in full equipment, except for their stick, to grow and perfect their skating abilities before adding the stickhandling component. Skating, falling down, and getting up with all the equipment on gives skaters a little boost of confidence and lets them know that it’s okay to fall!
Chad and Kristy put their kids in hockey because they really wanted to play! The parents said the boys have made so many friends and enjoy all that the sport has to offer. They would like their kids to be able to look back, as they have, and remember the friendships, the practice, and the games or performances that let the kids show off all of their hard work. 
But the biggest question we had for them… “What are they going to be for Halloween?!?”
Let’s see, there’s a Star Wars theme that seems to be going around in this family. Koehn and Keaton want to be Stormtroopers and Kaesen wants to be Obi-Wan Kenobi. Camdyn, on the other hand, is going to be a unicorn and dress her dog up as a dragon. We can’t wait to see pictures!
At the end of our time together they walked away full of smiles, giggling, and talking about birthday parties, Christmas parties, and everything in between!
Stay tuned for our final check in with the Leverick’s as our Canlan Ice Sports Family Ambassadors and keep your eyes out for how you can become our next Canlan Ice Sports Family Ambassadors.
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