PSM Force Iron Man Classic  

No Line Changes. No Breaks. All Endurance.

The Inaugural PSM Force Iron Man Classic will be sponsored by Parkview Sports Medicine. Price includes a gift for each participant and championship gift for division winners!

Please Note: There will be a price increase after 12/13/2017 for the Iron Man Classic.

Youth Divisions (register as individual) will increase to $50 per individual.

High School Division (register as team) will increase to $300 per team.

- First 20 players to register are guaranteed a team

Adult Divisions (register as team) will increase to $350 per team.

- First 4 teams to register are guaranteed games

Click Here to Register!

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Tim Horton's Sponsors Learn to Skate Programming  

Announced this morning, Tim Hortons has made a naming sponsorship of the Learn 2 Skate programs offered by Canlan Ice Sports inside the SportONE/Parkview Icehouse. This is the first ever sponsorship of the program. Individuals of all ages are invited to participate in Tim Hortons Learn 2 Skate as the first step toward recreational, figure or hockey skating. To register, visit

Currently, there are over 450 skaters enrolled in Tim Hortons Learn 2 Skate. Annually, the months of November and December are one of the largest enrollment times because Canlan offers a free pair of skates to everyone registering for an upcoming session. With this new support of Tim Hortons, the Canlan team will be able to offer an additional opportunity during the year where they will give a new pair of skates to individuals registering to participate in a Tim Horton’s Learn 2 Skate program. Additionally, participants all year long will receive a Tim Horton’s branded item, like a winter hat, that they can wear into any local Tim Hortons and receive a 10-pack of Tim Bits for just $1.00.

Learn 2 Skate is currently offered four times per week at the SportONE/Parkview Icehouse for individuals of all ages interested in learning how to skate. After graduating from Learn 2 Skate instruction, skaters are able to progress on with figure skating or hockey training.

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By Wednesday, November 15, 2017 2:44:43 PM

Figure Skates vs. Hockey Skates - What's the Difference?  

Which Should I Choose?

For beginner skaters, we recommend figure skates over hockey skates. Why?
Figure skating blades are longer, wider, flatter and have a toe-pick. Some people might think that the
toe-pick makes it harder to skate but it actually helps some skaters stand up and balance. The biggest
difference is more surface area on the blade. the figure skating blade has more surface touching the ice.
When do I switch to hockey skates if I want to play hockey?
Once the skater has mastered balancing on figure skates and the basics of skating,
such as gliding and stopping, it is then time to try hockey skates.

By Wednesday, November 1, 2017 9:37:35 AM