For over 20 years of running leagues across North America, we’d say we’re pretty great at it.


    2017 SEASON 

    Divisions Birth Year Day of Play
    Tyke 2011-2012 Sunday (All Skill Levels)
    Novice 2009-2010 Sunday (All Skill Levels)
    Atom 2007-2008 Sunday (All Skill Levels)
    Peewee 2005-2006
    Sunday (HL, Select, A)
    Wednesday (AA & AAA)
    Bantam 2003-2004
    Sunday (All Skill Levels)
    Monday (HL, Select, A)
    Wednesday (AA & AAA)
    Minor Midget  2001-2002
    Tuesday (HL, Select, A)
    Wednesday (AA & AAA)
    Major Midget 1999-2000 Tuesday (All Skill Levels)
     Juvenile 1997-1998  Tuesday (All Skill Levels)
    Note: Divisions with more than 1 day listed are separate divisions, i.e. if you sign up for Bantam on Sunday, all of your games will be on Sundays, if you sign up for Bantam on Mondays, all of your games will be on Mondays etc. This holds true for the Peewee and Minor Midget divisions as well. 

    Start/End Dates:

    Sundays May 14 - July 30
    Mondays May 15 - July 31
    Tuesdays May 16 - July 18
    Wednesdays May 17 - July 19